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Jeff Rasley


Take some time to read about Luxt Travel and why we're the best choice when it comes to booking luxury travel on a budget.

Luxt Travel gives you the luxurious vacation you have been craving for a price that you can afford. We want you to have a memorable experience without the headaches of travel - transportation, language, scams, etc. One thing that sets Luxt apart from competitors is our group size. Other large tour companies cram you in a bus with up to 48 other people. That's not a great way to travel. Our groups have a maximum of 6 people. This is ideal for luxury travel and allows for an experience of a lifetime. Check out our featured getaway today!



Travel Specialist

You Can Trust

One thing that keeps people from traveling to new places is the fear of the unknown. With Luxt, we provide you with a Travel Specialist who knows all the ins and outs about traveling in the local area. Should we take a taxi? Should we take the bus? What time do we show up for the shortest lines? No need to worry. We have it all covered for you!

Luxury Accommodations

Stay in Comfort

When it comes to traveling with Luxt, we seek out luxury accommodations in desirable locales. Our days will definitely be packed with exploration and adventure, but we want to make sure that when you put your feet up you are resting in style. A lot of care and effort goes into choosing our accommodations. Rest easy my friend!

Group Size

Smaller Is Better

One thing that is unique to Luxt is the size of our getaways. Other companies stick 24-48 people together at a time but at Luxt there will be, at most, 6 people traveling with 1 Travel Specialist. Small groups provide our clients with a uniquely personal experience that you cannot find anywhere else.